Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
PORTO - Portugal
Associado Apemeta

One of the top schools of technology in Portugal, ISEP has been pioneering education and research in Engineering since 1852.
Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, by creating and transmitting applied knowledge. As future engineers, we believe our students can produce creative solutions for present or upcoming challenges, becoming agents of global progress.
ISEP offers a wide range of programmes in different fields of Engineering with several A3ES and EUR-ACE accreditation. With more than 6000 students, we believe each one is unique and has the ability to excel. Our job is simply to channel their potential with the spirit of entrepreneurship, team work, out-of-box thinking and technical expertise, key competences for a successful international career.
The School is also a trademark of Porto. This modern European city, known for its beauty, booming cultural agenda and strong traditional roots, is the Portuguese academic capital. Porto is also known for the friendly and cosmopolitan environment, which helps explain the large attraction of international students.
Along with renowned institutions, such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), ISEP is a member of the international consortium CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) and has more than a hundred partnerships within the European Space of Higher Education.
We strongly invest in our R&D units in order to create and share applied scientific knowledge. In recent years, our researchers have been consistently winning national and international awards for the products and solutions they design. Their continual thrive for answers to society’s needs turned our campus into a home for innovation and technology.
ISEP houses ten research groups, four of which are recognized as National Research Centres by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). We are among the top 12 scientific institutions nationwide and some of our units are worldwide leaders in their field. Our cooperation policy also sponsors international networks with major R&D consortiums and the participation in several state-of-the art projects.
We are sure that creativity and innovation are key elements to standing out in a globalizes economy. Our focus is to ensure that students benefit from our expertise in research and turn it into an advantage. We encourage them to participate, to experiment and to be part of the exciting world of technology.
ISEP possesses at this time, all the necessary reception and hosting conditions, as well as the necessary administrative services and structures to the accomplishment of the scientific events and R&D activities foreseen in this proposal:
• enough and private space, isolated and exclusive laboratorial rooms, properly equipped with good acoustic, luminous and isolation conditions and wide band internet connection;
• equipped laboratories for the development of research activities;
• modular auditoriums, capable to harbor scientific encounters of great and medium dimension and other activities;
• bureaucratic support structures and staff;
• solid relations with companies in the region of Porto;
• cooperation activities focused on the economic turnover of projects;
• large proven experience in the development of R&D projects.

Áreas de actividade Economia circular; Eficiência energética; Energias renováveis; Formação; Qualidade; Reciclagem; Remediação; Sustentabilidade; Tratamento
Setores de actividade Ensino; Investigação & desenvolvimento
Interesses de cooperação e coopetição Desenvolvimento de produtos/serviços; Investigação & desenvolvimento; Projetos internacionais
Temáticas de cooperação e coopetição Descarbonização da economia; Economia circular; Sensibilização ambiental; Sustentabilidade; Tecnologias/serviços ambientais