SANTARéM - Portugal
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Recycle2Value has been born after twenty years of studies and experiences on Recycling, Upcycling, Re-use and Recovery of different kinds of wastes.

Some of fulfilled projects are:

- Recycling of millscales in the steel industry

- Recovery of Strontium from poor natural resources

- Re-use of millscales in thermite welding

- Repair and recovery of mill trunion in cement industry

It is based in Portugal and high quality services could be provided any available and accessible place around the world.

Áreas de actividade Consultoria
Setores de actividade Cimento; Extrativo; Metalomecânica
Interesses de cooperação e coopetição Desenvolvimento de produtos/serviços; Internacionalização; Investigação & desenvolvimento; Projetos internacionais; Projetos nacionais
Temáticas de cooperação e coopetição Economia circular