ADET (Amis des Etrangers au TOGO)
Maritime - Togo

Amis des Etrangers au Togo (ADET) mission is social, economic and environmental development:

- In social development, we promote disable, indigenous, old persons, migrant workers, women and girls and other minority’s rights and gender equality for social inclusion. For this awareness rising has been promoted, data revolution.
- In economic development, we promote agriculture, business, technology transfer, industry promotion will be promoted.
- In environmental development, we programmed energy for all awareness raising, climate change actions, smart agriculture promotion, economic growth, open government partnership.

Areas of activity Consultoria; Formação; Sustentabilidade
Sectors of activity Agrícola; Água
Cooperation and coopetition interests Internacionalização; Projetos internacionais
Cooperation and coopetition themes Alterações climáticas; Descarbonização da economia; Economia circular; Sustentabilidade